Welcome to the Bachhaus Eisenach

The Bachhaus Eisenach is the first museum in the world dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach. The Neue Bachgesellschaft (New Bach Society) purchased the building in 1906. At that time it was presumed to be the birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Since 1907, the residence at the Frauenplan in Eisenach, which is now over 600 year old, has served as a museum. Its purpose is to provide information about Johann Sebastian Bach to the public and to care for his music.

On our homepage, we would like to inform you about the museum, as well as our offers and activities. We are looking forward to your visit!


Bachhaus Eisenach
Frauenplan 21
D-99817 Eisenach
Tel: +49 3691 / 7934-0
Fax: +49 3691 / 7934-24
: info@bachhaus.de
Opening hours:
daily from 10am-6pm